Our Story

What started as a simple at-home project of ideas evolved into a beautiful work of art that accurately depicts our passions; following our Lord Jesus Christ on his path to Faith, while leading others on our journey through his teachings. 


The Book

What started as an at-home project to create an angelic version of the Elf on the Shelf turned into more than just a simple arts and crafts project. The Always Angel transformed into an experience dedicated to sharing a relate able story told by an angel, walking through core fundamentals of God's Teachings in the Bible. The story encourages children to create their own angel organically, or by using one of the book's designs. These creations are meant to serve as a reminder that God is always with them, looking out for and loving all of us, all with the help of his Guardian Angels.


About the Author

Kimberly Eisendrath, mother of two from Pewaukee, Wisconsin has is a passionate follower in Christ. Her children's love for literature and writing, passion for her faith and creativity through art and writing, inspired her to create the Always Angel Coloring Storybook.  In using the Always Angels teachings, Kimberly plans to support as many charities as possible, with the hope of delivering the message of her book to the world. 


About the Illustrator

Julio Gaytan, Mentor at Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, was discovered by our author in a search to find the most fitting artist for our organization and its goals. Julio brought to life our vision for Always Angel in ways far greater than we had anticipated. His keen eye for detail, combined with the shared love of art and how it communicates with society made for an amazing design development experience. We are so grateful for his artistic passions and contributions to our overall vision. 

Link to Portfolio coming soon. 


Self Portrait by Julio Gaytan.

Self Portrait by Julio Gaytan.