In 2018 Always Angel partnered with and together we take a great joy in supporting charities and non-profit organizations. Regenrus is a benefit corporation and a Social Impact Community creating an evolution for giving back through regenerative ingredients in their products and the Regenrus Cares social impact program which is lead by Always Angel author, Kimberly Eisendrath. Together the partnership believes it is important to be an advocate for one’s own self through choosing a lifestyle of wellness designed to balance and restore, while also aiding those in need locally, nationally and worldwide.

Regenrus ingredients sourced in 2018 have provided over 25,000 nutritious meals to malnourished orphans around the world. Pair that with teaming together with over a dozen non-profit charitable organizations to give back through the purchases of the Regenrus products. The partnership is committed to making our world a better place for people, animals and our planet for current and future generations. The products are designed to improve you and your family's quality of life while every product purchased gives back to those in need.

In 2019, as of the April, the 36,000 meals mark is soon to be surpassed! We are thrilled to share that through these efforts we will also be partnering to sponsor the Living Hope International orphanage and school with nutritional supplements that include both vitamins and vegetables in a form that can easily be added to the kids meals. We will be sharing more about the planning for our Wellness Initiatives and Medical Mission Trip in November in the months to come.

We must always remember Life is a Precious Gift and it is best to live life in Gratitude. The best gift we can give during our time on Earth is that of love and kindness. We invite you to join us to be the positive change we want to see in our world.