Thankful and Grateful

A favorite quote comes to mind by Ralph Waldo Emerson as the holiday season unfolds before us, “For each new morning with its light, for rest and shelter of the night, for health and food, for love and friends, for everything Thy goodness sends.”

In a world where so many are hungry and sick I pray that means needed are provided. In a world where there is such chaos, sadness and fear I pray that those shadows, that light is always present around, are cast aside as those in need look up and lean into God. His eternal unconditional love is with us always for strength, hope, grace, joy and peace. We are never alone, He is always there walking with us every step of the way. Our plans will be derailed because He already has a plan for us and it is one where our gifts will be shared to help others in our paths. To be His hands and feet to be the change that is needed in the world.

Sometimes life will get us down and we will find it hard to be thankful. At those time and always may we open our eyes to see the gifts God has provided for us in our lives and lift our prayers to Him knowing that He has a plan for us for hope and a future.

The Always Angel Seasons

Always Angel has been a labor of love for years for many years. Originally started to be a Christian version of Elf on the Shelf but as years past, through experiences with family and friends and my own personal faith journey it evolved into so much more. What God is doing with this book I could have never imagined! It is in English and Spanish (more languages to be released in the future) and has been all over the world with mission trips and non-profits. Our hearts are full and overflowing with the joy that God’s love is transcending languages, dominations and any obstacles placed before us. While the book touches the hearts of all those reading about faith fundamentals, as shared by angel and encouraging them to create an angel for themselves or others as a reminder of God’s love and that we can all share that love with others that cross our paths.

God provided a vision of a coloring book (before they were popular, again), stained glass inspired (a personal architecture favorite of mine) that would lay out simple faith fundamentals reinforcing that God’s love is unconditional and eternal and that we are never alone and can ALWAYS be His hands and feet and light to those that cross our paths. He made us each unique to live out His purpose for us and we can all make a difference as we share the gifts we have been blessed with.

The journey and life isn’t easy. We will have hardships to learn from but will will also have celebrations to be lifted by along the way. The Always Angel journey was been met with many obstacles and I almost gave up on it many times but God’s patient embrace held me along the way as I leaned closer into Him on my personal faith journey and at different crossroads He guided me to experiences and people of encouragement that kept me on the path that I couldn’t have possibly ever imagined.

Always Angel is for all ages, at all seasons in life. Always Angel introduces God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, creation, the importance of people and rules in our lives, reinforces the true meaning of Christmas and Easter and encourages prayer and the fruit of the spirit. These are simple, relatable and most importantly emphasizes that we can all be angels, we can all love on others that cross our paths and we can all be the change we want to see in the world.

It is interesting how life takes us down so many different twists and turns that we would have never otherwise expected. Then when life gets into a routine soon a new season in life unfolds before us. Each season filled with changes but some pieces remain the same – wake up, eat, sleep…tired, energized…happy, sad…with unexpected obstacles and gifts along the way. May we embrace the memories because time slips away too quickly. We each have our own journey, uniquely designed for us, full of ups and downs. Each season bringing something new and different.

With Spring blooms comes promise and possibilities. Lord, make us an instrument of your peace. May we strive to love you with all our hearts, mind and strength and love those who are a part of our lives with the same loving kindness that characterizes your love for us.

Summer’s warm, sunny days providing vivid colors of nature are in full bloom. A time to open our hearts and minds to God in prayers of praise, adoration, thanks and petition. Leaning into God and listening, being content simply in being present in God’s unconditional and everlasting love. Drawing our souls ever closer to the Holy Spirit as we discover God in his creation that surrounds us every day. May our prayer life center us, enabling us to be more purposeful as we recognize God’s presence in the people and activities of our daily life.

The brisk Autumn breeze transforms the peak of color to days that get shorter and darker, trees release their leaves and a bareness appears. A season for baring our souls and resting with God and being present with Him in the core of our being. A time to focus on self-giving. May our joy make others joyful as God prunes us, enlarging our capacity to receive Him not only in prayer but in life.

While Winter can be Barren and frigid, it can also be peaceful and tranquil. It is all about perspective. In the quiet we can dwell on gratitude for all of life’s blessings – past, present and future. May we be a witness to the light, reminded that blessings can be found in all things and we can be content in simply loving through all the challenges and graces of each season.

Wednesday Feature, Couples Edition: Susan & Jerry McNally

Wednesday Feature, Couples Edition: Susan & Jerry McNally

On Wednesdays, we usually dedicate our time showcasing a woman who inspires us, but today is a bit different. Introducing our first Wednesday Inspiration, Couples Edition!  

Meet Jerry & Susan McNally, founders of nonprofit organization Living Hope International. Read on for a recanted experience with this inspiring couple from our author, Kimberly Eisendrath.